tandem paragliding

We have dedicated our lifes to paragliding. Since many years we are as much in the air as possible. This routine results in safety! Our team consists of flightinstructors and worldcuppilots. We offer premium tandem paragliding flights. The easiest way to get airborne!

Team Pilots

Johannes Glatz

Born: 18.04.1988 in Garmisch
Homebase: Innsbruck
Profession:  author, airgproducts, MA
Favorite food: Italian
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French

„It is a pleasure for me to be able to deliver such an outstanding and safe experience“​


Born: 21.11.1990
Homebase: Innsbruck
Profession: airgproducts, freelancer
Favorite food: French
Languages: German, English, Spanish, French

„Looking forward to show you the bird´s perspective“


What do I need?

Proper shoes and warm clothes (depending on the season)

What do I have to do?

Just walk a few steps, then enjoy. We´ll take care of everything.

Groupflights possible?

Yes. If you are a bigger group that wants to share this unique experience we can organize more pilots. (wedding etc)

Is it safe?

Yes! Our weekly routine results in outstanding safety. Additionally, material and pilots are checked on a regular basis.

How long is a flight?

Usually around 20 minutes. But we always adapt to the wishes of our customers. If the conditions allow we can enlarge the flight up to an hour. With every flight there is also the rollercoaster option.

Who can fly?

Everyone between 20 and 120kg. No age limitations. Still, minors need the permission of their parents.

Do we receive pictures?

Yes. Every pilot is taking pictures and videos from the flight with a special camera. Then you can buy the SD-Card afterwards.

Is it hard to get airborne?

No you just have tob e able to make a few steps on a field. We take care oft he rest.

Are there Weightrestrictions?

We fly everyone from 20 till 120 kg

Come and fly with us! We are based in Innsbruck and most of the time we fly in stubai valley as it delivers contstantly awesome flying conditions- also in winter.

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